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This is the personal page of photographer and traveller Oliver Muñoz Muñoz, a restless person with the world that surrounds you.


I am Graduated in photography and Digital creation in the UUniversity Politecnica of Catalunya – CITM . Some of the subjects taken are,

– R3D e-presentation and modeling.
– FChemistry and Chemistry Applied to Photography.
– TDigital image ecology.
– DIseño graphic.
– Prubbing and image quality.
– Gcolor and printing systems.
– Farchitectural otography, urbanplanning and natural spaces.
– Findustrial and advertising otography.
– Reditorial and press release.
– Pdigital treatment-oriented schedule.
– FTechno-scientific otography.


I hope enjoy the work here exposed. Don't forget that this page is continually evolving and regularly incorporate new articles and images.


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