Albanian recipes

The Skanderbeg Albania

Although tradition of the country is eat all their meals in there
some simple dishes that do not contain meat and you can easily make at home :

The Skanderbeg Albania

Patligjiana you regjum

It's a small dish served to accompany other, like a salad of Eggplant. You need :
– Garlic
– Olive oil
– Pickles ( not canned ) or Eggplant
You bake the vegetables and then leave it to stand for a week in a tightly closed jar with garlic and oil. It is great.


The Skanderbeg Albania

Gjiz me specto

Another typical dish with cheese that is served accompanied with other products, need :
– Fresh cheese
– Pickle
– Olive oil
It is to fry the Pickles in a frying pan and add the cheese and oil. Simple and very rich.


The Skanderbeg Albania

Domate regjum

– Olive oil
– Small green tomatoes
– Salt
– Water
You need small green tomatoes, those who are not yet ready to eat because they are not mature, they are small.
Cortadito tomato water is put into a jar, a bit of salt and a little oil. The jar is closed well and let stand 20 days. It is exquisite.

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