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TRAVEL DIARY – Fidel Castro's Cuba

This will be a different journey, never had shared journey with so many people. We will share half of the trip. Travel in Group has advantages and disadvantages. An of the advantages is the saving of energy that is divide the tasks that is happen, the wear to level personal is lower and the work is reduced considerably, each one brings his granite of sand. In addition the road becomes more fun in good company. It is also true that the cost is less, everything is divided. Traveling in a group you can have access to alternatives, as rent a car, that precisely....

Baracoa after the Typhoon Matthew

A month after the Typhoon still working in Baracoa. One of the places where most affected the terrible Typhoon Matthew.

Train Hershey, journey to the past in Cuba

If reside by the center of the Havana it better is ask "of where part the journey", It is a ferry fast to Casablanca, the origin of the Hershey train station. Although also is you can reach it by road, but is more tedious because you must cross all the Bay. You can consult departure times in the same season or at points of the capital information.

TRAVEL DIARY – Iran. The Persia of Imam Khomeini

The airline came late to Istanbul and we lost the link with the other plane to Tehran. Luckily they facilitated us hotel and transportation. Arriving at the hotel had a red carpet in the entrance hall, not dirty it dodged it, I thought they had it booked for celebrities, then the "crew" the staff admonished me : "Do not.. !!"I was told that he should step on the carpet and advance through the Middle entry". I gave them my passport and let go them a... "give me your best room", and it was not for less, they had under their noses to the elite, dressed in their best....

The Iranian Kurdistan

We wanted to know the Iranian Kurdistan, a very special region that requires time and patience. The connections between people are not ideal due to the mountainous topography of the place.

Qeshm and the Persian Gulf

The island of Qeshm just 120 kilometers long and 10 wide. However accommodates to approximately 69 towns and a city, the Qeshm capital. Along with the city of Bandar Abbas and other small towns in the Gulf to speak your own language, the Bandari, the Persian dialect.

TRAVEL DIARY – The young Kosovo

When I travel I share some days travel with other tourists, This time I met Lorenz. We share some beers, experiences and part of the route for Kosovo.

Mitrovica, City without law

Mitrovica, two cities in one. It is divided into two, the northern part of Serbia population, the southern part of Albanian population and middle River that splits it with two bridges. The new bridge is protected by the KFORCE and the old forces, a simple bridge for pedestrians only. The northern Mitrovica Serbs do not accept the laws of Kosovo, What makes them the most hot and controversial in the country.

TRAVEL DIARY – Bosnia and Herzegovina can not forget

I don't want to leave the Balkans without visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, I'm interested in a couple of places, In addition the long journey by bus across Montenegro from Podgorica to Sarajevo is spectacular, I recommend making the trip during the day.

TRAVEL DIARY – The Skanderbeg Albania

Another trip. I go to the airport, I'm about to discover a part of the Balkans unknown. The above image is the notebook that will become my travel companion for a few weeks.