TRAVEL DIARY – The Skanderbeg Albania

DIARIO DE VIAJE – La Albania de Skanderbeg

Another trip. I go to the airport, I'm about to discover a part of the Balkans unknown. The above image is the notebook that will become my travel companion for a few weeks.


Albanian recipes

Recetas de comida Albanesa

Aunque es tradición del país comer carne en todas sus comidas hay algunos platos sencillos que no contienen carne y que podéis hacer en casa fácilmente :


The traditional life of Theth

La vida tradicional de Theth

I leave Tirana to Theth. I thought it would be a path of roses but suddenly shared van is not going beyond, Let me in front of a hotel and tell me that there is no transport to Theth, that left me to sleep, I bombarded with new information that I need to study, Press to make it me.