Bangladesh, fireplaces, fried chicken and hospitality

We found three things throughout the country and abundantly. Industry, much of it foreign, especially multinational, installed without a problem in the country, the conditions are advantageous and derisory prices of production. No matter how much reach to contaminate, they have a free hand to do whatever they want..

Peace will come soon by telephone

Thanks to the first Islamic phone peace in the world is about to come. This includes tons of applications "friendly" with islam, for example religious ringtones, wallpapers ...

The sandbanks of Jamuna

The Jomuna River in the dry season, When flow drops, form sand banks where the poorest of the country going to live, is no man's land. The few possessions that have van transferring them as the water flow is increased, in the rainy season.

Kaos in Dhaka and how to live with rats in the railway

Many adjectives can be associated with this city, and almost all unpleasant; starting from pollution, the disorder, dirt.... I had the feeling of being enclosed within a large bucket of shit. If you visit Bangladesh to try to escape from this black hole as quickly as possible, but there is another option, stay in any of the districts for expatriates, businessmen and politicians such as Gulshan, Banani.... where can you rest partially of this chaotic city.

Don't sell postcards in Bangladesh

Not a single postcard in all Bangladesh, and not me strange, is a country without tourism, foreigners come for work and are concentrated in the capital Dhaka.