TRAVEL DIARY – Bosnia and Herzegovina can not forget

I don't want to leave the Balkans without visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, I'm interested in a couple of places, In addition the long journey by bus across Montenegro from Podgorica to Sarajevo is spectacular, I recommend making the trip during the day.

Train steam in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am writing to Tuzla, I want to see some of the trains steam still used today and the villages around the town are best for this, There are several coal mines.

The Srebrenica genocide Memorial – Potocari

The United Nations protection forces ( UNPROFOR ) They stated in 1993 the region of Srebrenica as a safe area and served as a refuge for civilians until it was attacked by Serbian military in 1995, the area was no longer safe. Many tried to flee through the mountains towards Tuzla, without success.

The nuclear bunker of Tito

I want to see Tito nuclear bunker, Another reason for the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

20 years of the siege of Sarajevo

More than 3 years was besieged Sarajevo by the Serbian troops 1992 to the 1996, ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995 but the siege of the capital officially lasted until February of 1996 When the troops left the mountains.