The most authentic Rajasthan ( India )

Without doubt the most colorful region of India and one of the richest culturally. Its inhabitants, Hindu-majority, they have many celebrations in your calendar, so it is easy to match with any of them and highly recommendable as a personal experience.

Varanasi and the Ganges River ( India )

This sacred city, bathed in the River Ganges, It is a gold mine for photography lovers.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta ( India )

This was my first stop after binding with a domestic flight from Mumbai. The poverty of the place and the dirt I was surprised a lot, above all in the markets.

A different India Darjeeling

The District of Darjeeling is situated in a very special place, the State of Sikkim, India, It is in the Himalayas. The State of Sikkim is strategically located between the countries of Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Bhutan.