Papua New Guinea


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A dip in the Sepik ( Papua New Guinea )

The Sepik region is a must-see for all travel agencies, above all the Middle Sepik, or the Middle Sepik.

Insecurity in PNG ( Papua New Guinea )

As I wrote in previous articles there is a tremendous lack of information of the country, sometimes encouraged by the same companies that want to take advantage of this, as travel agencies.

The hypnotic power of East Cape ( Papua New Guinea )

Located to the East of the country of Papua New Guinea, the eastern part of the island could be considered.

The PNG Sing-Sing ( Papua New Guinea )

Many years ago left the loincloth at the bottom of the wardrobe, waiting for the festivals, called Sing-Sing, that so many Tour operators and tourists crave.

The Trobriand Islands today ( Papua New Guinea )

It is approximately 40 years, Since the arrival of the Church, you dress to the Western way, Although in some celebrations are atavian with traditional dresses.

The crossroads of Mount Hagen ( Papua New Guinea )

Hagen volcano gives its name to the city, that is the third most populated of Papua New Guinea.

The remote Simbai ( Papua New Guinea )

Once the year is celebrated the Simbai sing-sing, a remote village of the Highlands or Highlands.

The bittersweet taste of Port Moresby ( Papua New Guinea )

Port Moresby homes are fenced, with wire and in the majority of cases with Watchman.