Viet Nam

The lost war in Viet Nam

They fought against French, American and Japanese, among others, for twenty years. The story is very recent and although many deny it, If you walk in confidence with them you will notice an anti-American sentiment. Armed conflicts were resolved with the victory of the Viet Cong and the adoption of a Communist policy. The political leader and final architect of the independence of Viet Nam was Ho Chi Minh City, the country's first President and considered the father of the nation. His face appears on all tickets and hundreds of statues have been erected in his name.

Some tips in Halong Bay ( Viet Nam )

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Viet Nam, not to say that more. The most visited tourist attraction in Viet Nam. The options to visit them are multiple, for all budgets and tastes. The cheap and fast way to a small tour around this Bay is to hire it from Hanoi, where there is much competition between travel agencies. For my taste it is not the best way because they put everyone in a tourist bus, all hit enter and leave at the same time seeing the same things, authenticity is lost. For those who want this option and want to....

The incredible has Giang Province ( Viet Nam )

This region of Viet Nam, border with China was I very pleasantly surprised. He hoped to meet with another piece in the puzzle of the tourist network of Viet Nam, but was not so. I found a different Viet Nam, with friendly and simple people, they charged me just enough and always gave me the correct change, without inflating prices.