South Korea

Trekking in South Korea, in the natural park of Hallasan


Hallasan is a national park of South Korea, located on the island of Jeju.


Within this volcanic Park is the volcano or mount Hallasan, where is accessible by multiple routes. Mt. Hallasan is the most elevated of Jeju Island of South Korea the most visited among the newlyweds, where tend to travel as honeymoon.



In our case we decided on a route of ascent of 5 hours and 2 hours of descent , approximately. At ascension we were accompanied by a group of Koreans who roamed the 50 years, all of them decided the previous day, ethyl raged, the ascent of the volcano, without any preparation more than the sense of humor. It's well-known love having to alcoholic beverages such as Soju or the Makoli people who haunt the 50 years of age, they drown the penalties that resulted in the Korea war.



This trekking routes are various and well indicated, It is impossible to Miss. In various summits of the routes there are checkpoints where you can eat a good bowl of noodles and where to report and sold raincoats.



When end of travel and arrive at destination may choose to scroll with a regular bus service, by taxi or as we did, to finger ! . You stop at the first and offer to take you where you want to.



The route is beautiful and magical light, It is a highly recommended trekking through the landscape, nature and especially the geology enthusiasts. Do not miss it ! . You can see all the images to full screen in the section of Photographs.






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