Baracoa after the Typhoon Matthew

A month after the Typhoon still working in Baracoa. One of the places where most affected the terrible Typhoon Matthew.

Many houses were torn down, even those that had foundations and were one-story, constructions priori solid made with materials such as the cement or concrete.


Of the first line of sea is saved them blocks of housing more heavy, Although they also suffered damage, balconies torn and windows missing.


I tell as happened. During seven hours of terror affected residents were jumping from House to House, moving from one shelter to another. When they appreciated that the walls were starting or the ceiling flew flee to the neighbor's House.


The area more affected is full of objects personal scattered everywhere. Many it lost all. At the moment the State is withdrawing some debris. Much of the help that received the population was provided by the Church, the most effective NGOs in these parts.


An hour after the cyclone, as if they were in Japanese, they began the reconstruction of their homes, purchased materials, of course. The need for a roof and a bed do make everything with great hurry, with reconstructions amateurs, on the March and with the materials that get in the moment.


Crops were wiped out and many trees uprooted, the visual impression is similar to the one of a fire, trunks of trees without leaves and deforested areas.


Ernesto I tells how his mango tree was the most famous in the region, some of its fruits could overcome the four kilos of weight, When he took them to the market to sell all they were amazed, now ran out of nothing, you are planning to grow papaya.


Pictured above is observed as the cyclone devoured the breakwater and the promenade next to the stadium, reaching the sea to touch it. Requires months until it held another party. Of time using it as a repository of materials, the State wants to build small apartments for those more affected.


Showed me a video of how the water entered the houses, the waves came up to the third line of sea.
After the cyclone was torrentially raining month. The streets became difficult to cross torrents of water. This, together with the cyclone, displaced the foundations of the houses, increasing the danger of collapse. The cyclone arrived with a force of category 4, waves 7 meters that got inside dwellings.


Despite everything, Nobody died, not a single animal perished in the catastrophe, many believe that was something divine, a miracle. Despite the damage were taken up the future with optimism.

You can see all the images to full screen in the Photos section.


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