Semana Santa de Toledo

By weird as it may seem, at my age and after traveling thousands of miles to enjoy festivals of different sceneries in other countries, I had never been in a Holy week procession. Religion is not my devotion, I am in fact not baptized, but that is no excuse to not be able to witness an event so massive and famous as a procession. There are hundreds of processions in Spain, where to get images of the Christ Church, Virgin and crosses, to go in procession. These images are carried by the brotherhoods which belongs to each image. Is proud of its participants to be able to carry with them and celebrate this procession.


During the Holy week is celebrated the culmination of God's salvation, through his son Jesus Christ and the beginning of the new Covenant between God and man. Easter commemorates the passion, the death and resurrection of Jesus, through the steps of the procession are they staged last moments in the life of Jesus and his resurrection.


The Festival begins the Domingo de Ramos (Sunday before Holy Thursday): It commemorates the entry into Jerusalem Jesus. The village welcomes you in monte de Los Olivos, with branches of olive trees, they are symbol “life”. On Monday, Tuesday, There are also processions on Holy Wednesday, Although less important.


Holy Thursday is celebrated the last supper, in which Jesus was sold and betrayed by Judas.


Good Friday commemorates the passion (Calvary) and death of Jesus, After having dragged the cross through the streets and finally, be crucified.


Holy Saturday is rest of Christ in the sepulchre. Parishioners pray and accompany Jesus on his rest. The Easter Vigil is held at night and commemorates the resurrection of the Lord.


Easter Sunday: Resurrection of the Lord, and Easter Monday: It commemorates the resurrection of the Lord.


Five or six hours before the procession the spectators begin to take the city, they study the route of the procession and are installed in the corners of the city to take place. As soon as possible will take place better will be the location to see the procession. Many are the curious and devotees who want to see the brotherhoods and known procession dresses. Some bring your own Chair, drinks and food for an afternoon. To occur to anyone get ahead of another person who takes five hours waiting on the street to cover him overlooking the procession.


My advice is to see the procession the days and trials. The result is practically the same but without the crowd of people, freedom of movement will make you to enjoy more of the procession. As Friday approaches the city fills, There are many curious people around the world who want to see this show. For these dates it is best to book transport and accommodation with three or four weeks in advance.


In the tourism office they have the information to know the schedule and route of the processions, everything is very well organized and any questions ask the Toledo, they will happy to help you.


For being the first procession I visit I chose Toledo because it has a lot of tradition, is the best in Spain and you can enjoy it without the big crowds of Seville.


– Chapter of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.
– Chapter of penitents Knights of Christ the Redeemer
– Confraternity of our Lady of the Amparo
– Confraternity of penance of the Santo Cristo del Amor
– Brotherhood of the Christ of Nazareth captive in Toledo
– Confraternity of the most Holy Christ of los Angeles
– Brotherhood Brotherhood of the blessed Christ of the humility
– Brotherhood penance of the blessed Christ of the good death
– Brotherhood of the Virgin of joy and Jesus risen
– Brotherhood of the Santísimo Cristo de la Expiración
– Brotherhood of the most Holy Christ of la Vega
– Brotherhood of the most Holy Christ of hope
– Real e Ilustre Brotherhood of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad
– Cofradía de la Santa Caridad
– Brotherhood of the Christ from Calvary
– Brotherhood of the deposition
– Brotherhood of Knights Mozarabs
– Jesús Nazareno brotherhood and its Stma. Mother of solitude
– Brotherhood of las Angustias
– Brotherhood of the Cristo de la Misericordia


Toledo is a perfect choice to enjoy the Easter, can also be combined with a getaway, as for example the windmills located in Consuegra. I recommend the sunset, especially for photographers, the direction of the light is correct and we left behind the hordes of tour operators who Park those big buses right in front of this beautiful ride. Since they have paved the road to mills can be reached by car until they, This makes them lose much of its original charm, everyone wants to park in front of the mills, When the ideal is to get them to walk from the village of Consuegra, It is a ten-minute walk.
Evening visits decrease and it is easier to imagine the ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha walking among the mills. Although the Castle next to the mills is closed at that hour.


One Sunday we were in Consuegra. Everyone was dressed in extremely elegant way, from the youngest adults thought it was a wedding but the explanation was totally different, every Sunday it is festive and people put their best outfits to go out and drink, I felt strange between so many smart people, I had the feeling of being a destitute. On the next visit to Castilla la Mancha I must add a tie to my backpack of subsistence.


( These images have been made with the photographer Daniela Lee ).

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