Mitrovica, City without law

Mitrovica, two cities in one. It is divided into two, the northern part of Serbia population, the southern part of Albanian population and middle River that splits it with two bridges. The new bridge is protected by the KFORCE and the old forces, a simple bridge for pedestrians only. The northern Mitrovica Serbs do not accept the laws of Kosovo, What makes them the most hot and controversial in the country.

The city has many horrible stories, as he told me one of the many affected these absurd wars, where there are winners or losers no, only victims. He told me that one day surprise, in the northern part of Mitrovica Serbs captured at 25 Albanian, They hooded them, put them a rope around the neck and deadly with his kalashnikov himself there, in front of your House, among them was his brother, the place where it occurred is now a memorial to remember what happened there. There are many places like this in the city, each with its history, This single is one.


Before a few Serbs lived in northern Mitrovica, but with the Kosovo war, many took refuge in the city, in the northern part, especially the military who fled other parts of the country. It is common to hear firing into the air in northern Mitrovica to scare Albanians from the South. In the North many cars circulating without registration, not out of that part of the city.


Serbian flags are common and the Orthodox churches are not protected by military, as in other parts of the country, You can visit without any control.


The old conflict Albano / Serbian is still very latent in Mitrovica. The southern part of the city is full of Albanian flags and tributes to past and present heroes.

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