Photographers of Kyrgyzstan

Photography is in fashion here and everybody wants to capture a special moment, a meeting, a wedding, a farewell, ...

AK-Say, the least populated region of Kyrgyzstan

This region is situated in the mountains At-Bashy and the river Ak-Say, to the South of the country. To visit Ak-Say you must have a permission, you are asked again and again the military responsible for the security of the region, border with China. Despite belonging to Kyrgyzstan is considered no man's land and is highly monitored by the military of both countries.

Metal lives ( Kyrgyzstan )

The metal is present in the lives of their citizens for many reasons, among them the immediacy of your installation, much faster to build a House for example, Another reason is the economic, It is much cheaper than building a House. Another reason is the space, metal containers, that are rectangular in shape, combined among them with ease, taking advantage of the space.

Hotel Ala-Too, a "habitable" Soviet stronghold ( Kyrgyzstan )

It could be said that as is preserved as it was built in Soviet times, that surely enjoyed its golden age. It has more of 100 rooms and an architecture similar to a shoe box bore.

Kyrgyzstan and the 31 August, your independence day

You can not speak of the history of Kyrgyzstan without speaking of Manas, the national hero. Although it is not clear who was or the time in which he lived most of the traditions of the country they revolve around its history, mythologized over the years. One of the traditions of the country is the abduction of the bride or "ala kachuu" which was abolished by law when the country was part of the Soviet Union, Although it is still practiced throughout the country, especially in the more rural regions. I met several women who had been abducted by their husbands. They cried for months until they agreed to....