South Korea

Haenyeo – Women diver from South Korea

Haenyeo – Las mujeres buzo de Corea del Sur

One of the reasons for our trip to South Korea was the visit to the women diver, known as "Haenyo".


The natural paradise of Suncheonman , sanctuary for birds ( South Korea )

El paraíso natural de Suncheonman , santuario para las aves ( Corea del Sur )

Suncheonman Bay , also known as Suncheon bay was the first coastal estuary included on the Ramsar list ( list of wetlands of international importance ) in January of 2006.


Trekking in South Korea, in the natural park of Hallasan

Trekking en Corea del Sur, en el parque natural de Hallasan

Hallasan is a national park of South Korea, located on the island of Jeju.


Lights in the dark, overnight in South Korea

Luces en la oscuridad, la noche en Corea del Sur

Working hours in South Korea can be lengthened up to ten or twelve hours, that's one of the reasons that can find people strolling late at night in any of the cities in the country.