TRAVEL DIARY – The young Kosovo

When I travel I share some days travel with other tourists, This time I met Lorenz. We share some beers, experiences and part of the route for Kosovo.

Enter Kosovo from Albania a breeze, relations between the two countries are very close, with the strong ties that bind them.


I am on the way to an Orthodox monastery, Visoki Dečani or Dečani, It is protected by Italian military forces and the KFORCE, It regulates the input and output of the Serbian monastery, with some impressive frescoes that give the place a very special atmosphere.


I met Professor of English and director of the higher school of Dečani. He explained to me interesting things about the history of the country.
The war in Kosovo with Serbia lasted from the 1997 up to the 1999, with an approximate balance of 23.000 victims and their families torn apart. There are still more than 1.600 missing.
Now relations with Serbia are more standardized but the history is very recent and sometimes there are altercations between the two, especially in Mitrovica. In the schools of the big cities coexist with Kosovar Serbs, It is hopeful for the future of the country.


The population of Kosovo, Albanian-majority, is the youngest in Europe, There are 60.000 students preparing for the future, in search of a better life.


The Kosovares citizens can travel less by Spain Europe, for some strange reason the Spanish State does not recognize citizens Kosovares, neither their territory as a nation. Young and old yearn for the former Yugoslavia, where to go anywhere, say me that there is no turning back.


Look at how much more explain me more similarities between the current situation of Catalonia and in Kosovo. They fought for their independence and achieved it. Say me in Kosovo if I'm prepared for war and the truth I think that I'll never be.


The images of the heroes abound in Kosovo, those who have given their life for independence, they took an extreme measure for this purpose. There are always fresh flowers and well-tended tombs in cemeteries.


Who expect to find a country with deep wounds of war in Kosovo is wrong place. The country was rebuilt after the conflict, A 90% the buildings are newly built, European-style, some with bucolic landscapes and garden houses that look like mansions.


More Albanian flags that Kosovars in the streets. The number of people who speak German or have had a past outside their country is awesome, There are many that prove a new life outside Kosovo and some end up returning, above all by bureaucratic problems.


The population is torn between apathy and optimism. Young people want other experiences outside the country, and investors find a country with little industry and everything to do, but still afraid to settle in the place.


After the cheese market held once a week in Pec I am train to Prishtina, the capital of the country.


Prishtina has a couple interesting places to visit, as for example the National City Library, futuristic architecture.


I also recommend visiting the market, which is near the center of the city.


I'm going way of Prizren, City of entrance to the National Park of the Sharr mountains, a beautiful place with people with deeply-rooted traditions.
Kosovo is a small but interesting country to visit, very safe for tourists and friendly citizens, as the entire Albanian population.

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